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How to make the most of your annual leave days in 2023

How to make the most of your annual leave days in 2023

How to maximise time off in 2023 UK bank holidays infographic


Discover how to get 47 days off using only 19 days of annual leave in 2023.

Oh that feeling when you’ve got a brand new calendar, ready to fill with excitement. Twelve expansive blank pages for dreaming up trips, projects - and plan your time off in 2023. With a bit of creative scheduling (yes, there’s such a thing) you can take advantage of bank holidays to give yourself some lovely big chunks of time off work. 

Once Upon a Tuesday was started on a quest to take a step back, prioritise friendships, honour them. Celebrate more. Dance more. Because no matter how much you love your work, we believe having adequate time to rest and play can make you a happier, more productive (and  fun) person to be around. And anyway, what’s the point in working hard if you can’t take time to enjoy life with family and friends too right?

So, would you like to know how to get 47 days off for adventuring or relaxing next year using only 19 days of annual leave? 

Here are the days you need to take off to maximise your annual leave in 2023:

April - Easter Break

Get ten whole days to sample all the available types of mini eggs by using only four days of your holiday allowance.

Book off:

Monday 3 April

Tuesday 4 April

Wednesday 5 April

Thursday 6 April

May - June - May Bank Holidays

As the summer sun starts to return, so do the bank holiday weekends. This gives you not one, but two chances to have a nine day break from video calls to wander unfamiliar cities, climb a mountain or test out your new beach towel.

Book off:

Tuesday 2 May

Wednesday 3 May

Thursday 4 May

Friday 5 May

Tuesday 30 May

Wednesday 31 May

Thursday 1 June

Friday 2 June

August - September - Late Summer Bank Holiday

Towards the end of summer there’s another chance of a nine day holiday using four days annual leave. Start working on your out of office message now. 

Book off:

Tuesday 29 August

Wednesday 30 August

Thursday 31 August

Friday 1 September

December - Christmas and New Year Break

As Christmas comes around, book three days off and get ten to enjoy all the festivities from the 23 December to 2 January. That’s enough time to love the return of mince pies and mulled wine to not wanting to see, taste or smell them ever again.

Book off:

Wednesday 27 December

Thursday 28 December

Friday 29 December


If you ask me, planning for the fun is half the fun, I’ve got high hopes for 2023.

Hope that is of some use to you. If you’re looking for other things to fill your calendar with, we also publish a bumper list each month of important and not-so-important dates for your calendar

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