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Free delivery on all U.K. orders | All products printed on 100% recycled paper. Free delivery on all U.K. orders | All products printed on 100% recycled paper.


About Once Upon a Tuesday

The stylish way to stay organised - Once Upon a Tuesday creates an eclectic, modern collection of calendars and planners - functional art for the home and office interior which changes every month. The planet-friendly calendars are designed and printed on 100% FSC certified recycled paper, in the UK. 

The team at Once Upon a Tuesday Ltd Design and packing studio in Cornwall

Michele Ferron started creating calendars during the first lockdown of 2020 from her home in Cornwall as a creative outlet and to help organise her busy life. Spotting a gap in the market for on-trend designs, she’s on a mission to design calendars that look great, are a joy to use and produced in a sustainable way. 

Once Upon a Tuesday started on a quest to take a step back, rely less on technology (we love technology, just not for everything), take more control of friendships, honour them. Celebrate more. And of course, add pretty things to the home and work space that are also useful... like a beautiful calendar.


Our Story

Hello, I'm Michele and I started designing things I love during the Pandemic in 2020. And apparently other people love calendars too - as my designs started selling online to my surprise! 
I'm a planner. I love a list, more importantly, I love a list on real paper! 

THE NAME - Once Upon a Tuesday...

One day I was chatting with my 6 year old, Flora, she's the one with the creative brain in the family, and we were talking about stories and fairy tales - they always start with 'once upon a time'... and she said - but mum, why don't they just start with 'Once Upon a TUESDAY'. 

This is where our silly name came from. The idea of questioning things. Questioning the status quo. And of course, the fact that the calendars are all about dates - and why not Tuesday!? 


People, planet,  profit.

We need to make a living. But we want to do it without harm. We want to do all the right things and feel proud of the pennies we earn. 

We get our supplies from small, local businesses. Our printers, for example, are just down the road, and they are a small business employing local people. 
We hope to work with artists and pay them properly. When we employ new team members, we'll make sure we pay them properly and provide a happy work environment for them. 

Anti racist. While I'm launching this business, we're in the throws of the Pandemic, and also a remarkable discussion about race that has been amplified to the masses (yet has been going on for centuries). The Black Lives Matter movement is gaining traction. And so it should. As a small independent brand, run by a white woman, I'm going to support the movement in equality in every way I can. 

We make paper goods. And we're very aware that we want to make items that add value to the world and take as little away from it. Everything is printed on recycled paper. 
Our packaging is minimal and we use recycled packaging. We consider everything we add to our parcels and keep it to a minimum - whilst still making you smile when it arrives with you.  
We consider the environment in everything we do... we use tea bags without plastics. We never use plastic water bottles. We buy loose fruit. We bring our own takeaway coffee cups when we get takeaways. 

We're a small business and when you buy from us, you're supporting a small team of people.