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2022 Black Friday - 20% of sales will go to Hidden Help Charity

2022 Black Friday - 20% of sales will go to Hidden Help Charity

We need a world with less chaos, not more. 

20% of all our online sales turnover on Black Friday will go to Hidden Help Charity.

Instead of slashing prices, we believe our products are priced fairly every day of the year. We also don’t believe in the values behind Black Friday - which stimulate overconsumption.

Don’t get us wrong, we are consumers ourselves, and always can improve in many ways, but events like this encourage people to buy stuff they don’t need. 

Overconsumption is wasteful. Imagine a world where we all used far less stuff - where we fixed things instead of throwing them out, where we shared equipment in communities, where we didn’t just buy things because they are cheap and disposable. Imagine how much we could reduce waste through buying less and owning less.  It may sound idealistic, but if we all just take small steps towards conscious buying, we’ll get quite far.

So instead, we’re going donate 20% of all our turnover on Black Friday to a small local charity that is helping those in urgent need to make a new home and a fresh start with recycled furniture from the local community.

They help those referred to them by Social Services and other statutory bodies – the homeless, refugees, ex-prisoners, the elderly, long-term sick and those being re-housed or fleeing domestic violence

Once Upon a Tuesday team member, Camilla’s partner, who works with this charity in his role as a social worker, has recommended Hidden Help wholeheartedly and sees the great work they do in the community.

Many people are having tough times and we recognise that our products are for people who are able to spend on nice things. So, I strongly feel, it’s a great opportunity for us to give back and take a stand. 

We undertsand that many small businesses need to compete and that they have little choice to discount at this point, this is not judgement - this is what we hope is a movement in the right direction.

We will likely be shopping on Black Friday, like most people - but will be considering the brands we buy from and if we really need the thing we’re buying! 

Read more about the Hidden Help Charity here.