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    What are perpetual calendars?

    What are perpetual calendars?

    Never forget another birthday, anniversary or special date. Don't rely on Facebook to remind you of someone's birthday when it's too late... Perpetual celebration calendars keep your special dates on your wall, year after year after year. (I recommend the  wall in front of the loo - a great place to see what special dates are coming up, and dream away about how you're going to celebrate them - apparently thats where the best plans are made!).


    Last orders! 2021 Calendars

    Last orders! 2021 Calendars

    The final 2021 calendars are still available, as we know sometimes people just need one last minute! We have a few still available for you.

    Let's all hope 2021 looks NOTHING like 2020! And that we can fill up our calendars with good times and gettogethers.

    The collection of 2021 Calendars and Planners is now online. A compact collection (we're not the Calendar Club (yet!)) of some A4 and A3 designs. 
    See them all here.


    Planner Pads

    Planner Pads

    Ultimate productivity awaits! Find a small collection of A5 and A4 desk planners, meal planners and daily planners. All made in the UK from 100% recycled paper.

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    Feast on friendships

    Feast on friendships

    My favourite thing is celebrating with friends, over coffee, over dinner, over gin... Escape from the everyday rat race, that somehow we've all been caught up in - however much we were sure we'd avoid it and live free and easy forever more (remember that festival?!) 

    Rush here, do this, hurry, run, we're late... oh no, I forgot her birthday! Quick, message on Facebook. I'll do something nice for her next year. Sound familiar? Once Upon a Tuesday started on a quest to take a step back, rely less on technology (we love technology, but just not for everything), take more control of friendships, honour them. Celebrate more. And of course, add pretty things to the home that are also useful... like a beautiful birthday calendar. Pretty and practical. And a great gift too. 
    I hope you love them as much as I enjoy creating them.

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    Every Friday, I send out a list of three good things. A collection of lovely / happy / special things. Things I’ve shared with friends. A list of things that I enjoyed or made me smile this week.  xx Michele