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All Deliveries Are Carbon Neutral!

All Deliveries Are Carbon Neutral!

Good news!  - Your deliveries with Once Upon a Tuesday are now carbon neutral - a small step towards our goal of becoming the most environmentally friendly stationery brand possible.

Through every order we process, we now pay a small percentage of each sale towards carbon capturing to neutralise our shipping footprint.

As a small business, we were stoked to learn that our website platform, Shopify, has done the legwork and made it super easy for us to take action. They have launched an initiative called Shopify Planet. 

How does carbon neutral shipping work?

Planet collects information about all our shipments like distance, package weight and mode of transport etc. and calculates the total shipping emissions. A percentage of sales then goes towards supporting some of the most promising carbon removal solutions on Earth to make our shipping carbon neutral. These cutting-edge projects and technologies have the potential to help in tackling climate change.

Running Tide kelp carbon capture

Why do we care about the enviroment?

We consider the environment in everything we do and strive to constantly improve. We make paper goods and we're very aware that we want to make items that add value to the world and take as little away from it as possible.

Carbon neutral shipping is a big win to celebrate for us but we are under no illusion that the work stops here and we are not about to sit back and put our feet up.

What else do we do to be the most sustainable stationery brand possible?

Plastic free poster tubes. Eco-friendly packaging

When it comes to delivering your order, there are  more steps we take to make the process as eco-friendly as possible. 

  1. ALL our packaging is plastic free
  2. It’s also recycled and can be recycled.
  3. We have removed all the excess stuff in your parcel - minimal inserts.
  4. The packaging stickers are 95% sugarcane fibres and 5% hemp and linen. They’re vegan, biodegradable and compostable. The inks are vegetable based too. 
  5. We use plastic-free paper tape 
  6. Our picking and packing system is paperless and plastic-free

Where does the money go?

All the partnerships have been vetted by the Shopify Sustainability Fund and there are some amazing projects in there. 

Here are some links to the organisations working on Carbon Capturing and how they achieve this.

Running Tide


Grassroots Carbon




Charm Industrial

Climeworks carbon capture