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Six Brands Doing Black Friday Differently

Six Brands Doing Black Friday Differently

The backlash against the overconsumption and craziness of Black Friday has been growing steadily over the past ten years. Brands like Patagonia have led the way, taking a stand against buying more than we need with their Don’t buy this jacket campaign and the 2016 decision to donate 100% of their Black Friday profits to charities that work to protect air, water and soil for future generations.

Listening to Patagonia’s Jelle Mul talk about the event at this year’s Goodfest was mind blowing. They ended up reaching 10 million dollars in sales which was five times the expected amount of 2 million, and they stuck to their promise and donated the lot.

Things are really tough at the moment. And for some, Black Friday is a chance to buy things they genuinely need, we understand, we are consumers ourselves. But we feel this is the right direction for us as a brand.

More and more brands are using Black-Blue-Green Friday and Giving Tuesday to give something back and we have decided to do the same by donating 20% of sales turnover this Friday to a local charity called Hidden Help

They do an awesome job helping Cornwall people in urgent need to make a new home and a fresh start with recycled household items and furniture. 

So many other brands are doing good things this week instead of slashing prices. We have rounded up some of our favourites below.

Lucy & Yak - Do Black Friday Differently

Lucy and yak black friday

Everyone’s favourite dungaree gang are partnering with Fior Di Loto Foundation and donating half of their profits between 21-28 November to send girls to school. 

Finisterre - Turning Black Friday Blue

Finisterre Blue Friday

Our Cornwall neighbours Finisterre are turning Black Friday Blue and donating £2 per order over the weekend to Level Water, a UK charity providing specialist swimming lessons for children with disabilities.

Karma Drinks  - Raising Prices for Charity

Karma Drinks black friday

These ethical thirst quenchers have previously raised their prices by £5 throughout the sales period, with the money going to charity.

REI - Closing to Spend Time Outside

Rei black friday

On Black Friday they highlight the value of time spent outside and the impacts it has on our well-being. Since 2015 they have closed their doors on Black Friday, choosing time outside over the busiest shopping day of the year. 

Mud Jeans - Focus on Circular

MUD jeans blue friday

Pioneering B Corp denim brand MUD Jeans are not only encouraging people to buy vintage instead of new and offering the option of leasing jeans but also putting pressure on bigger competitors to make their production chains more circular.

Read more about Once Upon a Tuesday's stand on Black Friday 2022 here.

We’d love to hear your recommendations too!