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2024 KEY TRENDS by Lizzie

2024 KEY TRENDS by Lizzie

The lovely Lizzie, our designer, has worked her magic again and put together some delicious trend inspiration boards for 2024. 

Here are the key trends we're loving this upcoming season. 

Key Trend: Peachy Hues

Key Trend: peachy Hues

Pantone have announced Peach Fuzz is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024, peachy hues are going to be the next big thing.

The soft, comforting, fresh hue symbolises kindness & compassion for a positive future ahead.

Key piece: Wipeable Peachy Wall Planner 

Key Trend: Modern Heritage 

Key Trend for 2024: Modern Heritage

Think traditional plaids & checks mixed with clean earthy, organic tones. Modern heritage celebrates traditional practices, craftsmanship, cultural narrative mixed with contemporary design and soft colours.

Key Piece:  Earthy Paper Shapes Notebook

Key Trend: Kitsch is Back

Key Trend 2024: Kitsch is back

Celebrating the quirky, bold & nostalgic design. This trend challenges the status quo and invites us to find joy in the playful, colourful & unconventional aesthetic.

Key Piece: A5 Citrus Colour Block Notebook

Key Trend: Gothic Ranch

Key trend 2024: Western Gothic

We have all witnessed the cowboy boot hype, now say howdy to the fusion of two styles - the gothic aesthetic and the ranch. Think dark, grungy colour palettes, rustic furnishings, mood lighting & Western-inspired elements.

Key Piece: Brass Refillable Pen

Key Trend: Nostalgic Blue

Key Trend 2024: Nostalgic Blue

This soft hue evokes a sense of sentimentality and joy from past memories. The shade is often linked to dusty, vintage finds and retro aesthetic, whilst creating a fresh, timeless perspective.

Key Piece: Blue and Green Xtra large Wall Planner 


Proceed with caution: trends are fun, they are a part of our culture, but please remember to consume consciously. You can often adapt to trends from objects you already own, or find second hand. In stationery, try to buy only what you need, and be sure to reuse, recycle or compost. In fashion, research shows: to reach our global sustainability targets, people in high-income countries need to limit their clothing purchases to an average of 5 items per year.