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15 ChatGPT / Gemini Prompts we've used here in the office

15 ChatGPT / Gemini Prompts we've used here in the office

Love it or hate it, AI is here. Huge discussions to be had on how to regulate it, but that’s not why we are here, so swiftly moving to ways we have been using ChatGPT and Google Bard, now Gemini here at the studio. 

If you haven’t started using these tools yet, you should, they are incredible.

It feels a bit like telling someone to use Google if they’ve never done that before.

It’s basically Google on steroids. In fact, I believe these systems and tools will soon be embedded in most actions we take online, but again, not why you’re here. 

I thought I’d share some prompts that we have used recently here, answers sourced from all the team:

Prompt 1: Summarise Legal contracts and agreements

One of the most useful ways we’ve used ChatGPT/ Gemini in the business (and at home in fact) is for deciphering legal contracts. Simply write: Summarise this contract for me and identify any areas that need special attention - then copy the text of your document into the chat. It will demystify the legal language and explain in simple terms what it says.

Prompt 2: Summarise this book/ text…

Whether researching for work, play or studies, Ai is great at summarising. You can copy / paste a long piece of text in, and it will spit out a summary. Or if you want a summary of a book, it’ll give you that too. 

Prompt 3: Give me a 3 month training plan to run 10k, include 3 runs per week.

Ok, so I am not going to pretend I used this prompt for myself - I used it for Flora who was running a cross country race and I asked for a training plan, which was incredibly helpful, and you’ll be pleased to know she came in 4th and has qualified for the next round!

Gemini / ChatGPT can be incredibly helpful in creating schedules and plans.

Prompt 4: Parking ticket appeal letter

I received a parking ticket recently - I parked in a lot where the machine wasn’t working. So I told Gemini the details and asked it to write me an appeal letter. This saved so much time, and sounded very pro. (I didn’t win the appeal as they said there was another machine on site - huh!)

Prompt 5: Job Listing - removing biases

As we were hiring a new team member recently, I copied the job listing into the chat and asked for it to identify anything that unintentionally favours or discriminates against certain groups of people based on factors such as gender, age, race, ethnicity, disability, or other characteristics unrelated to job performance.  It helped me rewrite one sentence and furthermore confirmed it was good to publish.

Prompt 6: Copyright infringement notice

Our good friend Alibaba featured a bunch of our photography again, which they blatantly steal off our site, as we shoot everything in house here. So we asked for ChatGPT/ Gemini to write a Copyright Infringement Notice, which we were able to send to the companies, which then proceeded to remove the photography (for now anyways - ugh)

Prompt 7: Improve this sentence…. 

Sometimes you just want to say something succinctly and punchier than you can figure out to do yourself - so I often paste it into the chat and see what it spits out. Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes it’s awful. In fact, I might run this entire blog post through it to see if I can improve what I have written.

Prompt 8: Create a to-do list for… (moving house, starting school, onboarding a new hire, going on holiday, starting chemo, traveling)

I cannot live without a to-do list. I need to write them before I tackle anything - a hack I have developed over the years with my ADHD brain. Now I get chat to write them for me, or at least support me in writing them, giving me helpful and relevant additions to include in the list.

Prompt 9: SEO research

If you have a website, you’re probably doing or thinking about SEO - ask ALL your SEO questions, from keyword ideas to getting a list of ideas on how to improve your SEO. Or even ask it where to even start with SEO and make you a plan to approach it. We use it all the time for the business, if anything, to cross check what we’re already doing.

Prompt 10: Plan the week for me

Type in your to do list, allocate how long you think each task will take and ask Gemini / ChapGPT to create a schedule for you. Don’t like the schedule? Ask it to update it with what you need, for example, an hours lunch break, the school run, or ask it to include your scheduled meetings.

Prompt 11: What apps or tools can help me with….. (menopause, bookkeeping, learning to knit, cooking from scratch, strength training, mental health, parenting)

Sometimes you know someone has designed an app that would be helpful, but no idea of how to find it… just ask - “Give me a list of apps or tools that can help me track my cycle” for example. 

Prompt 12: What the F * does that mean?

We work with printers all the time, but having only been in this industry for a few years, they still throw out lots of unknown jargon and terminology we don’t know. Now, we just copy/paste it into the chat, and we sound like absolute pro’s :)

Prompt 13: Search Engine replacement

The easiest way to start using it, is as a replacement for a Google Search - No more scrolling through endless results, straight up answers. 

Prompt 14: Tell me about…. (Magic Mushrooms, British Politics, Mount Everest, The Coliseum, Cindy Lauper)

You get the gist, ask it about anything and it’ll give you a summary on the topic, but the beauty is, you can then refine your questioning in the same chat.

Prompt 15: Write me a Blog / Press Release / Product listing / Email 

I left this until last, because it will be an incredibly useful tool for all of the above, it often still needs a lot of editing to not be immediately identifiable as AI generated text. (I have received some job applications recently, some of which were clearly copy/paste from ChatGPT. But, I see a future where your email programme will have it built in and you can ask it to write a reply in your tone and style of writing, and it will just do it. A whole new world is coming.

I hope these where helpful!

A final note - we use Google Bard, which has now been rebranded to Gemini as well as ChatGPT - they answer things very differently and each have their strengths and areas that they are more accurate in. Gemini seems to be really good at most things, but ChatGPT spits out better copy if you need to write something. There are other options available as well. 

Give them a try:


Google Gemini: