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One Minute Guide to Once Upon a Tuesday

Hi there, 

I know you have worked incredibly hard to build up a loyal following and we feel honoured that you are keen to share Once Upon a Tuesday goods with them.

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Our story

Once Upon a Tuesday is a U.K. based startup and certified BCorp. A female-led brand that creates stationery for people who want to organise in all areas of life, in style. From design-led annual calendars to diaries, weekly planners and notebooks, printed in England and created in a sustainably conscious and ethical way.

Michele started creating calendars from her home in Cornwall as a creative outlet and to help organise her life.

The aim was to take a step back, rely less on technology (we love technology, just not for everything!). Prioritise friendships, celebrate more. And of course, add pretty things to the home and work space that are also useful - like a beautiful calendar.

We’re now a team of 8 on a mission to create design-led calendars that look great, are a joy to use and are produced sustainably - considering the impact on people and the planet every step of the way.

Key Points

  • We are a Certified B Corp
  • We always use 100% recycled paper
  • All products are designed and printed in the UK
  • We are a small independent, female-led business
  • The designs are inspired by art, interior design and fashion runways
  • We support other small local businesses through our supply chain
  • We consider the environment in everything we do, our packaging is minimal and 100% plastic-free

Did you know that most stationery you buy is printed on virgin paper? Printing on recycled paper comes at a slightly higher cost, but we try to mitigate that as much as possible - and ALWAYS print on recycled paper.


💜 If you have any questions or want to have a chat, drop us an email to

🧡 Follow us on Instagram to see all the latest news, dates for your calendar, and pretty pictures (@onceuponatuesday_). We're also on TikTok (@onceuponatuesday).

💛 Here are some ways that we have found work best when sharing your gift on social media:

With the planet in mind, we do our best to keep all packaging to a minimum, whilst still creating a lush experience opening the box.
You'll notice we use paper tape, never plastic. In fact, we are an entirely plastic-free company.
Even the stickers we used are from recycled paper with biodegradable adhesive. (We think about every detail).
The insert card is designed without any text on the front, so people can frame it or hang it up as a little piece of art.

People like unboxing videos, and while we love them too, they are best followed up with an in-use video. 

Using your items
We've found the content that users respond to most, is when it shows them the benefits of how you are using it. What you love about the product and showing the various elements of it. They like seeing it in your space, in your context. A walk-through of all the elements in a video is what works best, where you share what you love about using it and how it helps you be more organised, for example.

Monthly update
Particularly with calendars, you can use the art or the new monthly page as a moment at the start of each month to talk about what's going on in your world, your goals and plans for the month ahead.

We look forward to seeing what you create! Please do let me know if you have any questions 🧡