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What is a Dutch Birthday Calendar?

What is a Dutch Birthday Calendar?

Every downstairs toilet has one - a verjaardagskalender!

The Dutch hang a birthday calendar in the toilet. Yes, it's a cultural thing, and anyone who has cramped themselves into a small Dutch downstairs loo, will have noticed the traditional calendar. 

It's the way Dutch people keep track of birthdays and anniversaries without using your phone or digital calendar, and I can report, it works way better! 

Birthday Calendars are unique to the Netherlands

Dutch Birthday Calenddars - verjaardagskalendarWhenever I mention to a Dutch person that the conecpt is unique to them, they struggle to believe it - it's so embedded in the culture.

When your sat in the smallest room of the house, it's a good time to reflect on life, and also one who you need o send a card or buy a gift for.

One thing to remember, should you find yourself looking at one - guests are only entitled to the viewing of the calendar, never the editing! The owner of the calendar holds that privilege only. 

The format 

The beauty of this calendar, in true money saving Dutch style, is one you can keep year after year. It's inner pages are undated, meaning only the month and date is included, not the days of the week. 

Should you take on this Dutch tradition?

I highly recommend it! Not only because we sell birthday calendars, of course, but more importantly, its such a useful way to remember birthdays BEFORE you get a calendar notification on the day itself! 

If you're ready to join the Dutchies, you can find our collection of birthday calendars here.