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The year that was 2022

The year that was 2022

What a ride!

Running a small business brings many challenges. We work hard and fast and sometimes forget to take a step back and celebrate the good that happened. 

So I thought I'd take some time to put togther a summary of 2022. 

A few good things that happened this year: 

• We launched our first range of Diaries (all but one style are now sold out! (at time of writing))

• We Launched in Selfridges, Papersmiths & Eden Project - three retailers on the top of our wish list.

• We  started working with many brilliant independent stores all over the world from Hong Kong to the US, and of course here in the UK. (Support your high street!)

• We grew the team - so lucky to have a brilliant group ready to face 2023 with big smiles!

• Signed a lease on a brand new building... more on this soon!

•  We won an award for the Co-Parenting Calendar 

• We were runners-up for the Best New Business in the Cornwall Business Awards

•  We've launched a rewards programme (more on this soon)

•  We're investing in Carbon Capturing for every order

There have been so many more small wins along the way - and lots of tough times too, not to forget!

Running a start-up business is not all fun.

It's full of compromise, stress and challenges - but some of us just seem to like that kind of self-punishment! 🤪

Thank you for your support! 

Love, Michele and Angus

Rhiannon, Daisy, Eleanor, and Lizzie (Camilla and Steph missing from the photo)