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The best 2023 wall calendars for every taste, style and personality

The best 2023 wall calendars for every taste, style and personality

Looking for a practical and stylish gift that will last all year? A paper wall calendar is a great gift choice - discover the best gift ideas for every friend and family member.

Running your hand over the paper and flicking through the pages full of promises of the year ahead. We love a paper calendar and the chances are, if you’re reading this, you may too. 

Whatever your plans are for the coming year, whether you like to plan for the week, month or whole 12 months ahead, it is always useful to have somewhere to see your schedule at a glance right? 

A paper calendar is a two-in-one - organisation tool and a functional piece of wall art that refreshes with a simple flip for each new month.

Different as we are (thank goodness!), no one calendar fits all - so we have put together this guide to help you find the ideal wall calendar for you - or for your dog-obsessed aunt, trend sensitive teen or plant-loving friend.

For the dog lover that still wants to keep things stylish

For the modern art lover and at-home-curator 

For the plant lover, plant parent, crazy plant lady or gent

For the minimalist who wants clean and simple with lots of writing space

For the romantic grandmillenial with florals turned up to 11

For the nostalgic 90’s child who’s already booked festival tickets for next year

For the creative art lover (dungarees optional)

For the small business owner with big plans 

For students kitting out dorm rooms and halls

For the schedule-juggling parent

For when you need a calendar that starts now

For the trend spotter with the freshest trainers

For the ‘more is always more’ maximalist 

For the sleek and sophisticated 

For the laid back boho with salt in their hair


Which one are you and who did we miss? Shop all 2023 calendars here