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We won't be slashing prices this Black Friday, or ever. 
Inspired by brands like Patagonia and, more locally, Finisterre - we will donate 20% of our sales on the day to a local grassroots charity called Hidden Help.

Why don't we take part in Black Friday?

We need a world with less chaos, not more. 

Have you ever bought something on Black Friday that you didn't need, just because it was a great price? What happens when a billion people do that? 


The earth is being fracked.
Imagine if we all just bought less stuff. Stuff we just don't need. If we all reused what we have, shared, upcycled, repaired, and we didn’t just buy things because they are cheap and disposable -  the demand on our planet would be far less. 

Overconsumption is wasteful.  In the UK alone, Black Friday sales release 386,243 tonnes of carbon, according to

 It’s also said that 80% of products bought on Black Friday end up in the landfill or incinerated after a very short life.  

Don’t get us wrong, we are consumers ourselves, but events like this encourage people to buy sh*t they don’t need. Like fast fashion, cheap goods at throwaway pricing. It’s not what we’re about - quite the opposite. 

In addition to that, we believe our products are priced fairly every day of the year.


its only one straw said 8 billion people

What are we doing instead of Black Friday Sales?

Instead, we’re going donate 20% of all our turnover on Black Friday to a small local grassroots charity that is helping those in urgent need to make a new home and a fresh start with recycled furniture from the local community.

We'll also be sharing ideas of what to do instead of discount shopping in the lead up to Black Friday - you can see our tips over on Instagram and Tiktok

The Charity we are donating to

Hidden Help is a local grassroots charity. They help those referred to them by Social Services and other statutory bodies – the homeless, refugees, ex-prisoners, the elderly, long-term sick and those being re-housed or fleeing domestic violence.

Camilla, previous Once Upon a Tuesday team member’s partner, who works with this charity in his role as a social worker, has recommended Hidden Help wholeheartedly and sees the great work they do in the community.

Many people are having tough times and we recognise that our products are for people who are able to spend on nice things, to achieve more things. So, I strongly feel, it’s a great opportunity for us to give back and take a stand. 

We might possibly be shopping on Black Friday, like most people, as it will be the last pay day before Christmas - but will be considering the brands we buy from and if we really need the thing we’re buying! 

Read more about the Hidden Help Charity here.


green friday not black friday