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NEW IN - Social Media Content Planner Pads

NEW IN - Social Media Content Planner Pads

How do you plan your social media?

If you’re a small business, or a content creator - you’re probably juggling 23780 things at once… and social media sometimes gets lost in that list.

I’ve designed a very simple system - on paper- to help you plan out each week, the way we do it here.

This A4 Planner pad gives you a full overview of the week ahead and what content and assets need creating.

Social Media Planner pads

How to use it:

  1. Add the month and dates to the planner for the week you are planning for
  2. Add any key dates - I.e. holidays, Valentine’s day, product launches etc.
  3. Start filling out the content you want to share on each day of the week.

NEXT - if you really want to get juicy, I designed the A5 planner pad to plan out individual pieces of content - specifically - valuable content.

This method is designed by me, which I use to help create content that is valuable to my audience.

It asks the crucial questions to keep you sharp on what you’re trying to achieve here - I.e. building a strong community on social. It includes hashtags, value proposition, and caption draft - focussed on Instagram and Tiktok content planning - and you can add any other social media channels that you use for your brand - such as Pinterest, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Every time you are planning content, grab this pad and walk through the steps to create consistently powerful content.

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