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How to do - Team Lunches

How to do - Team Lunches

Last year, we started a weekly team lunch every Wednesday. 

It’s a potluck lunch and everyone brings in something small to share with the rest of the team. The only rules are that it must be vegetarian and healthy-ish. 

We also aim not to talk about work - the goal is to connect with each other beyond what we do at our desks. 

We always get a loaf of delicious sourdough from Gorse Bakery next door. 

Beyond that, it’s important that there’s no pressure on anyone to bring anything extravagant. 

Some weeks, when life is extra busy, someone might just bring in a couple of avocados or a pot of hummus - all good. 

We’ve also starting inviting some of our neighbours to join us as special guests - we intend to invite the entire block in the next few months, one by one.

We’ve been doing it for about 6 months now, we had no idea how much it would positively impact our workplace culture. Here are some insights we've gained from our experience:


1. Find a format that works for your team - we’re a small team, which means potluck style works really well. For bigger setups, it may be worth getting catering in or organising a dish of the week. When I briefly worked in Holland, the office provided bread and sandwich toppings for team lunches, one person would pop to the supermarket to grab it all.

2. Set some simple guidelines for food: By setting guidelines for the type of food we bring—vegetarian and healthy-ish—we ensure that everyone can find something they enjoy while also promoting healthier eating habits. It’s also important to consider allergies of course.

3. Focus on Connection, Not Work One of the most important aspects of our team lunches is the unwritten rule that we don't discuss work. This allows us to connect on a personal level, getting to know each other beyond our job titles and responsibilities.

4. Make it a regular thing. Consistency is key! Whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, scheduling team lunches creates something for everyone to look forward to.

5. Celebrate Community: The simple act of gathering around food brings us closer together as a team. Whether we're sharing stories, laughing, or simply enjoying a delicious meal, our team lunches have become a cherished tradition that we look forward to each week.

6. Support Local Business: We're fortunate to have Gorse Bakery nearby, and their delicious sourdough has become a staple of our team lunches. Supporting local businesses not only adds to the sense of community within our team but also contributes to the local economy.

7. Flexibility and Understanding: Life can get busy, and there are times when someone might not have the time or resources to bring in a lavish dish - so there's never any judgment or pressure to bring anything extravagant.

8. Glow it up occasionally - we like to occassionally mix it up and have started inviting neighbours to join us every few weeks. We are also planning to have a special lunch on the beach when the weather turns nicer. And for a special occasion we might introduce a theme - although we’ll make sure to keep it sweet and simple! 

In conclusion, implementing a weekly team lunch has been one of the best decisions we've made for our team. It's a simple yet effective way to nurture relationships, promote a positive work environment, and foster a sense of community. If you're looking for a way to bring your team closer together, I highly recommend giving it a try. Who knows? It might just become your team's favorite day of the week too.

We’d love to hear how you do team lunches - and what other tips you have. 


Here are some of our regular team favourite recipes:

Coronation Chickpea

3 Bean Salad:

Sweet Potato and Feta Salad:

Tomato and Mozzarella:

Broccoli Salad: 


And of course - Avocado!