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Easy ways to reduce your Digital Carbon Footprint - at home or at work.

Easy ways to reduce your Digital Carbon Footprint - at home or at work.

We all want to do what we can towards to An area we easily forget about - is the carbon footprint associated with our digital presence.

Did you know, every email opened, link clicked, question searched, video streamed, and photo saved relies on servers, stored in huge data centres - which require masses amounts of energy to run and are heavily carbon intensive (which is why Bitcoin has such a heavy carbon footprint) - not to forget the energy used by your own devices. 

I believe we will see more focus on this area of environmental impact in the near future. I have already spotted websites that let you choose to browse their site with a reduced lower carbon footprint by limiting the number of pictures shown.

As an example, Innocent Smoothies, a brilliant innovator, allows you to switch to energy saving mode - or ‘save some juice’ as they call it. 

Innocent Smoothies Green Switch

Here are 12 quick and easy ways to reduce your digital carbon footprint:

  1. Turn off your devices if you are not using them for 2 hours or more, otherwise set automatic sleep mode after a certain amount of time not at your machine
  2. Unsubscribe from unread newsletters 
  3. Only reply to emails when essential - avoid 'reply all' and two word (internal) emails that aren’t necessary
  4. Only leave devices plugged in until they are charged, then unplug. 
  5. Switch off your sat nav when you don’t really need it.
  6. Dim your monitor to 70% instead of 100% brightness.
  7. Close tabs you are not using on your phone or laptop.
  8. Download audio files instead of streaming them - or listen to cd’s or radio when driving.
  9. Avoid Zoom / video calls when you can just have a phone call instead.
  10. Repair or buy refurbished devices instead of new.
  11. Remove your digital signature for emails that don’t need it.
  12. Clean our your inbox and photo storage regularly.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to reduce your digital impact over time. I always recommend to not feel guilty about what you are doing, guilt doesn’t motivate in the right way.

Instead, feel empowered by the knowledge and take small steps, when you can, towards making changes.

On our own, we don’t make a difference, but collectively we do. Let’s all try to do what we can when we can.



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