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Could this be your perfect 2023 diary?

Could this be your perfect 2023 diary?

They're here! Our first ever range of weekly diaries (or planners for the Americans in the room)

Bright, bold hardback diaries - we have FIVE lush designs. Which is your fave? (I still don't know which one I'll go for.)

And... excitingly, unlike most diaries out there, which are usually black and white inside - these are bursting with colour throughout! 

I'm particularly proud that these are made in the U.K. on 100% Recycled Paper, and as always sent in plastic-free packaging! The more eco friendly diary.

Diary with a Menstrual cycle tracker - world first?

You know all those extra pages you get in diaries? I’m not sure who really uses them - so I really tried to re-think what I would actually use, and I am not sure I have ever come across a diary with a built-in menstrual cycle tracker - because let's face it, the days of silence around periods are over. So, I am declaring these a world first.


Menstrual cycle tracker Period tracker diary page


The Deets - what's your perfect diary layout?

Finding the perfect diary, with exactly the layout for you, is not easy.The diaries  are designed with week-to-view on the left page and a to-do / notes page on the right. 

The diaries are A5 sized with a hardback cover. UK and US bank holidays and other special dates are included both as a list and throughout the diary.


2023 Weekly planner diary spread with to-do list and notes page


The special little extras

You'll find included:

  • A ribbon placeholder (what day is it again?)
  • Extra pages for notes at the back
  • A page for passwords and log-ins
  • The 2023 lunar calendar
  • A 2023 double spread year planner
  • 12 monthly planner spreads
  • The smooth paper pages are a creamy pink. 

So much thought and a fair few tears have gone into the design. I truly hope you love them. 

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xx Michele


2023 weekly diary planner



2023 weekly diary planner useful pages