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A/W 2023-24 Trend Report

A/W 2023-24 Trend Report

Our Designer Lizzie shares her view on upcoming interior and workspace trends for the upcoming season. 

We're constantly on the lookout for delicious inspiration and are inspired by trends and colours across interiors, fashion runways and art for our collection of calendars and planners. We feel strongly that the workplace, where you spend a large part of your life, should inspire joy and productivity alike.  


Trend: Cherry Red 

Trend Report - cherry red


It's not all Barbie pink, expect the cherry red for A/W. It's bold and joyful and great for contrasting. Pair with a soft pink for the ultimate cherry red & peach stripe. We are a little bit mad for any pink & red combo here at Once Upon a Tuesday.

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Trend: Return of the 70’s

Trend Report

Back to a period in time where freedom and love run wild, the return of the 70s in design offers a playful and eclectic twist. Earthy colour palettes, bold checks, and organic textures are being reintroduced to create a fusion of retro and contemporary aesthetics. Say hello to the avocado greens, cobalt blues, mustard yellows, and rusty oranges.

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Trend: Contrast Stripes

Trend report cotrasting stripes

Contrast stripes - that extra shot of espresso any place needs. The pairing of two distinctly different colour hues injecting energy and vibrancy into any space.

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Trend: Dopamine Decor

Trend Report Dopamine Dressing

Dopamine decor is all about curating spaces that spark instant joy and pleasure. This design trend focuses on incorporating elements that trigger positive emotions and a sense of well-being, such as vibrant colour palettes, bold stripes and exciting patterns.

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Trend: Vacation Mode

Trend Report vacation Mode

"Vacation mode" has become more than just a state of mind – it's now a trend which encapsulates the laid-back, carefree vibes of a getaway through colour, pattern and design. Think warm oranges, fresh blue hues, natural textures. Reminding us to infuse a touch of leisure and adventure into our daily routines.

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