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5 Gift Ideas - Made of Paper

5 Gift Ideas - Made of Paper

Looking for some fun and practical gift ideas, I've put together 5 ideas, which are all made of paper, because some of the best gifts are made from it (well, we would say so!)

1. A 2024 Calendar

Will you be gifting the gift of planning and organisation this year? Ok, so I had to start on this one. Personally, I have always gifted calendars, long before I started this business. My mum even kept all the ones I made her as a kid. (I can assure you the quality has significantly increased since)

2. The Happy Newspaper Subscription

The Happy Newspaper is a quarterly publication that celebrates all that's good in the world. It features uplifting stories from around the globe, as well as inspiration and advice from experts in positive psychology. We subscribe to this and everyone at home loves reading it. 

gift idea - Happy Newspaper Subscription

3. A lottery ticket

An annual returning stocking filler in our family - the Lottery ticket. A gift of hope and excitement I suppose! No one is a millionaire yet, so its mainly hope, more than anything. But also good to know that the National Lottery funds lots of incredible causes. 

4.The Big Issue

The guys selling these on the streets are trying to make a living, after having dealt with quite some hardship, so buying from them is a great choice all year round, but especially during the spending season - but that aside, the magazine is packed with great writing - perfect reading for a Christmas Day after lunch slump. 

gift idea the big issue

5. A gift card (and no, it doesn't need to be boring- here's how...)

How to make a gift card feel like you have put lots of thought into it, instead of a lazy impersonal choice?
Choose to buy from a an (independent) store that the recipient loves. So, maybe steer away from a gift card from a major retailer and instead choose something that truly suits the person receiving it. Maybe a local boutique, their favourite deli, a book store, if they're an avid reader or a stationery store :). 
A gift card can help to create less waste, as the person will definitely use what they end up with.

gift card for christmas

There are lots more paper gifts that are brilliant, including books, concert tickets, notebooks, planners and printed artworks

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