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3 Gift ideas for Kids and Teens

3 Gift ideas for Kids and Teens

My kids don’t need much more stuff (other than socks and hair ties, those disappear quicker than I can source them).

Here are 3 gift ideas that I’ve given them in the past, which they loved or plan to give them this year.

The Happy Newspaper1. A Subscription to The Happy Newspaper

This quarterly paper is always a joy for all of us to read. The kids love learning all sorts of worldly news - from scientific breakthroughs to discoveries of underwater species. 

Visit the Happy Newspaper here.

Camp bestival

2. Festival tickets

We love a good festival as a family. And what better way to get stoked for next summer with tickets to a fun festival?

We’ve never tried Camp Bestival before - the kids will be getting tickets this year. Ask me again next year if that was a good idea!

Camp Bestival info here. 


Dogs and Doodles Birthday Calendar

3. Birthday Calendar

The kids love having their own birthday calendar in their room to keep track of all their friends big days. As they get older, kids love taking a little more ownership over their lives and friendships. This helps them think about how they can honour and celebrate their friends and family. Mine love to create hand made cards to give. 

Shop Birthday Calendars here.