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3 Alternative Radio Stations for in the Office - with the Freshest Tunes.

3 Alternative Radio Stations for in the Office - with the Freshest Tunes.

Looking for Radio stations for in the office - without ads and distracting music - we got you.
We always have some tunes playing in the studio. Some people work better with music and others in complete silence. This list is for you if music helps with your productivity.

I’m not a big fan of mainstream radio or pop music and I hate ads blaring through the speakers, as I find it very distracting. So I thought I’d share some places to find an alternative vibe to your suggested suggested Spotify Playlists or your mainstream radio stations. 

Here are 3 places to discover new, underground music from independent artists, on independent radio. Here are some of my faves.
Radio Meuh

Always a good workday go to - “The independent Internet radio station out of the French Alps playing fresh songs from all four corners of the globe.”
It's a french station, but there is very little chat.

During work hours, you can expect chilled out beats, mellow hip hop, funk and soul. It almost never dissapoints.

Tune into Radio Meuh

NTS Radio

London Radio with great DJ’s including my friend Ruby who has a regular gig on, check it here. “NTS provides curious minds with a home for music discovery. Built by music lovers, for music lovers.”

You can listen live, or, if you're looking for chat free  they have a selection of music only Mixtapes.

Like the Slow Focus Mixtape - "Meditative, relaxing and beatless: ambient, drone and ragas."

Or the Low Key Mixtape - "Covering everything chill – whether that’s downtempo beats, Golden Age hip-hop or grown ‘n’ sexy slow jams."

Tune into NTS Radio


Curated by the Giles Peterson “Worldwide FM is an award-winning community and platform where marginalised voices, alternative perspectives and shared progressive values are brought to the forefront through music and culture. “

There is a huge log of shows and themes from all around the world that you can listen back to, in addition to listening live. You can find soem great public playlists on the WorldwideFM Spotify Profile too.

Tune into WorldwideFM


As a bonus, if you really want to really explore - Radio Garden is a website that lets you tune into radio stations around the globe - and I mean you really can go to the tiniest stations in the tiniest villages around the world!