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2023 Christmas Gift Guide

2023 Christmas Gift Guide

A delicious collection of beautiful gift ideas for your wishlist for this Christmas 2023. Here are some of our favourite pieces we think are worth the investment and things to keep.

We're all about buying less, but buying better. Make more sustainable choices by investing in items that will bring joy for many years. 

 Salt & Pepper Grinders by Addison Ross

How incredibly beautiful are these grinders? True investment pieces that you'll use everyday. I love the idea of combining the styles they have. Such fun for your table.

See them here.

Morgan Double Curb Toggle Necklace by Wanderlustlife

Georgie and her team at Wanderlustlife never fail to create immensely beautiful ranges, and there's always something from here on my wishlist. Investment pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime.

See it here


Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover by BOCCACCINI

An investment piece that will bring comfort and joy (see what I did there). Such a beautiful thing to keep for years and years to come. Entirely hand made, so each one is unique.

See it here.

Gift ideas

 Houseplant Bookmark by Pivot

Alice and her team run an incredible Community Interest Company providing work and training for people living in hostels, helping regain a sense of self-worth and re-engagement. We are in awe of their work. Plus, it's just lovely. Got our eye on this Houseplant Bookmark - but check out their jewellery too.

See it here.



The Bright Arches Keyboard Weekly Planner Pad

A perfect size stocking filler - which should add some joy to the desk space and a quick planning go to pad.

See it here.

Jardin de la lune Air Freshener by Earl of East

I bought this for the look, and fell in LOVE with the scent. Honestly, one of the most beautiful things I have smelt, ever.

See it here.

'More Wine' Print by Proper Good

Not that we're encouraging drinking, but we do love a good glass of vino, and this art print is joyful. We have one of her prints up in the studio, but I think this one is better placed at home. (encouraging wine drinking at work is maybe not the best idea!)

See it here.


 The 2024 Couples Calendar

Love this for two people who need to align their schedules. For couples with busy independent lives. 

See it here. 


Hot Chocolate by Hundred House Coffee

This tin of Hot choccie is going to make you smile on a cold winter day. I havehigh expectations for flavour as well

See it here.


2024 Checks and Stripes Desk Calendar

We all have one of these on our desks at work, and they just brighten up your workspace and have enough space to write important dates one. Great little gift for anyone who spends a good amount of time at their desk.

See it here.

Beautifully Made Wines Curated by Agweres

Debbie is our neighbour and is a renowned Wine Educator, with key focus on modern wine drinkers. All her wines are considered, often organic or biodynamic. If there's anywhere you can trust to invest in a beautiful wine - this is the place!

Visit Agweres Wine Shop here.


Snake Eyes Mini Blanket by Slow Down Studio

So many beautiful blankets to choose from at Slow Down Studio. Love this snake design kids one. A significant investment piece that will be a lifelong keepsake.

See it here.


2024 Mushroom Calendar

Mushrooms are magical, and people love them. This is the perfect gift for the mushroom forager or mushroom lover. I'm definately gifting this one to a few people this year.

See it here.


Linen Stripe Ruffle Cushion by LORAL

I already own one of these linen beauties. Handmade here in Cornwall and I feel they work in so many design styles.

See it here.

 Australian Food by Bill Granger

One of my favourite chefs who makes recipes simple, straightforward and so delicious. This book is just beautiful and with lovely recipes. 

See it here. 


Hope you loved this gift guide. If you have any great ideas to add - join the conversation over on Instagram here.