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Kindness Advent Calendars

A small collection of unique Advent Kindness Calendars - instead of indulging during Advent, bring the true spirit of Christmas alive and give back instead.

Christmas Advent Calendars that have 24 random acts of kindness behind each door, small, simple efforts to complete daily, leading up to Christmas. Designed for any age - from children to adults.

Kindness Makes You Happy… and Happiness Makes You Kind!
Don’t trust us, trust the smart people at Harvard, who’ve researched and proven that kindness and compassion are traits of the happiest people. 

In a world where it’s sometimes hard to find some goodness, it’s up to us to help our kids be the wonderful people they naturally are.
The Kindness Calendar is a small, fun step in making this happen.

"A unique take on the classic advent calendar."


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