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8 Tips for Being a More Sustainable Traveller (the business travel edition)

8 Tips for Being a More Sustainable Traveller (the business travel edition)

If you're planning to visit a trade show, conference or other business event any time soon - and looking to do it with the least environmental impact - this is for you.

I have been traveling quite a bit in the last month, visiting trade shows and conferences, and I thought it would be a good idea to share some ways we try and minimise our impact from travel.

1. Public Transport: Because Who Actually Wants to Parallel Park in a New City?

We try to avoid flying or driving where possible and take public transport, in my case, usually the train. I love traveling on trains - I always aim to book a table seat - pack a nice lunch, snacks, flask of tea or coffee and my laptop and headphones - and generally get in the zone and be quite productive.

If it's an event without public transport access - try carpooling, and if the organisers haven’t done already, you can nudge them to set up a carpooling notice board of some kind.

2. Digs that care

Now you might think running a stationery brand is all glam, but I am afraid to say that my go to accommodation in the UK is the Premier Inn. We have a business account with them. They are 100% powered by renewable energy. Plus, the staff is always very lovely. (I recommend the Premier Hubs in cities, they are modern and fresh). There are other hotels that have high standards too - so worth looking for somewhere that cares.

3. Water Bottles - Obvs.

This is a given, but I still see so many people buying plastic water bottles - bring your bottle, refill it, easy.

4. Reusable Coffee Cups - the landfill problem no one is talking about

This is one that's a little harder, but if you think about how easily we all buy a coffee and after 10 minutes discard the cup and lid? Imagine how much of that is ending up in landfill every single day. If you haven’t packed one, at least consider asking the barista to hold the lid.

5. Better Stationery 

Obviously, I always carry my Once Upon a Tuesday Notebook, made in the UK and from 100% Recycled paper and is Recyclable. 

6. Say No To The Swag

Lots of freebies are made from plastic and end up abandoned in a drawer or in the bin - just say no, and companies will hopefully stop producing wasteful swag. (We did say yes to some fresh merch from Klaviyo recently, which were stylish bamboo socks made in Portugal - yes please!)

7.  One Lanyard is Enough

I mean how many lanyards does a person need (I need none in fact, except when I’m at these events). If we all brought our own lanyards (preferable saved from a previous event), event organisers will need to produce less, creating less waste. 

8. Offset When Necessary: Because Sometimes Flying is Unavoidable

Reducing impact is the first goal, but if you can’t avoid flying, for example, you can opt to offset your carbon footprint through reputable organisations.

Do you have any additional tips for traveling sustainably conscious? I'd love to hear them!