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What to do with your old Calendar? A few ways to reuse your calendar.

What to do with your old Calendar? A few ways to reuse your calendar.

You've had your lovely calendar on the wall all year and it feels wrong just throwing it out.
Instead of simply throwing out your loved 2021 calendar straight into the bin- here are some ideas to re-use.

We're all about sustainability, and when you think about sustainabilty you have to think about end-of-life of products. 

The calendars are ALL already recycled from post-consumer pulp, so you already helped the paper lifecycle by buying recycled in the first place. 

And they can be recycled again... but maybe you want to get creative instead?

1. The Gallery Wall
The gallery wall can work in any room of the house, in fact, at home, we have a small gallery wall of postcards and fun cutouts on the wall of the WC. 
Cut out - the illustrations you liked most, stick em in a frame and add them to your wall.

2. FLIP the calendar and you have a sketch book / note book. 
If the back of the pages are blank, you can flip over the calendar and use it for notes (that's what I use for jotting down random ideas when working on a project).
OR give it to the kids to use for some artwork at home. 

3. Gift cards / tags
When I wrap a gift, instead of adding a greeting card, I often use a pretty cutout with a message on the back and slip it under the ribbon to add to the colour and pattern of the gift wrapping. It makes it look so pwetty...  
Or stick it on a blank (kraft) gift tag. 

If you're not feeling too crafty (it's the end of the year, no one is blaming you, we all need a break!) - here is the best way to recycle your wall calendar:
The Hanging Wire Ring:
The metal binding can be recycled with other household metals including aerosols, drinks cans, and food tinsRemove the metal spiral wiring so that it is separate from the paper and recycle it on its own with metal recycling.
The paper of the calendar can be recycled easily along with magazines, letters, flyers, and newspapers, in your usual household collection or at a local recycling centre.
Have any other ideas? Or have you used yours in a creative way? We would LOVE to see it. Please share by tagging us on Instagram or send us an email at